In this program parents are able to bring in their freshly laundered, gently used childrens items and exchange them for store credit towards any other clothing or gently used/second hand item including books, toys and accessories. Although credits can be used same day and all at once, they never expire, do not have to be used all at once and can be banked for use at any later time.

ALL clothing must be freshly laundered and clean, in gently used condition and free of stains, pet hair or musty/smoky smells to be eligible for exchange credit. All non-clothing items must be clean, complete and in good working order (with batteries if required) as items will be tested before they are accepted or sold.

For ease and speed of assessing exchange credit value -- and making sure you get the best value for your items -- please bring in a manageable amount of clothing with outfits/matching sets already paired up and folded together. A neatly folded, pre-sorted, re-usable sized bag or diaper box of clothing will generally provide just as much credit (often more) than an overstuffed garbage bag of randomly tossed in items!

Exchange credits are calculated on estimated selling cost of items during the next 6-12 week selling period. Based on retail space limitations, current stock levels, seasonal items and re-sale demand please keep in mind that not all items (even if in amazing shape) will garner top exchange value. Items not eligible for exchange credits can be accepted into the donation program.

Please Note:

Absolutely NO cribs or car seats can be accepted.

Exchange Program

Growing with Giggles

          Childrens Store and Clothing Exchange

Donation Program

Donations are always graciously accepted into the store. 

All donated items are used in a number of ways. Most are given away FREE of charge to local parents and programs but some are sold in the store. The money raised is donated to local causes or set aside to help those in need get the clothing items they require if appropriate sizes are not available in the donated stock. This stock of clothing is invaluable to those recovering from house fires, domestic situations and tough economic shortfalls.

Please Note: 
Absolutely NO cribs or car seats can be accepted.

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